Gaming and slave trading

Recently the Steam gaming platform removed the game Playing History 2: Slave Trade, after backlash over a mini-game within the game where the player has to stack Tetris-shaped slaves into a slave ship.

Apple’s not-so-bright future

Today Apple revealed Apple Music, their streaming subscription service that would take over the streaming music world. However, Apple Music – according to Mashable – feels like it’s committee designed, and it’s competitors aren’t impressed. Here’s a rerun of my short 2013 article on Apple’s future.

Proper OS Design: Application installation

With the recent shunning of SourceForge for hijacking open-source projects and spreading malware with the installer, it becomes clear that application installers have been and will always be abused for money. It’s the operating system’s job to make the installation process safe and transparent.

Microsoft Windows’ Tick-Tock release model

Intel adopted the so-called “Tick-Tock” release model for their processors. In their Tick release Intel shrinks the fabrication process but keeps the same micro-architecture, and in the Tock phase they design a new micro-architecture but keep the same fabrication process. It seems that Microsoft is inadvertently following a similar tick-tock release model for Windows, but one where they focus on features but not quality in the Tick phase and quality but not features in the Tock phase.